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Manchester Research Software Community - Inaugural Meeting

Nov. 21, 2023 11:00 — 13:00

G107, Alan Turing Building

Registration is NOW CLOSED

Bringing members of the research community for the inaugural meeting of the Manchester Research Software Community.

Building a Vibrant Research Software Community

Aman Goel,

Aman Goel, Research Software Engineer and Software Sustainability Institute Fellow, outlines plans for creating a research software community bringing together people involved with or interested in research software from across the University.

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Urban / Rural Hay Fever Divide

Ann Gledson; Douglas Lowe,

Several of our Research Software Engineers are co-authors on a recent Nature Scientific Reports paper which found that people living in urban areas have worse hay fever symptoms than those living in the countryside.

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Got a Short-term Project? We Can Help!

Adrian Harwood,

Did you know that our pool of Research Software Engineers are not just available for long-term, big money projects? Even if you have very little funding or a very small amount of work for us to do, come and speak to us!

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Making Your Code Reproducible and Shareable

Gillian Sinclair; Ann Gledson,

Research Software Engineer Ann Gledson recently gave a training tutorial to research collaboration involving several universities from across England on how to improve their code, the software release process, the use of DOIs and more.

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Introducing Software Citation

Robert Haines,

In August, GitHub announced software citation support in GitHub repositories. Discover how Rob Haines, Head of Research IT, played an instrumental role in making this happen.

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Modelling the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ann Gledson, Peter Crowther,

Research Software Engineers, Peter Crowther and Ann Gledson, have been working with the University Department of Mathematics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine on improving their simulation model of contact tracing, which can be used to predict and explain the effectiveness of different strategies in reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2

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Data Mining Student Engagement Patterns

Ann Gledson,

Back in 2019, two Research Software Engineers (RSEs) were co-authors on a paper which aimed to motivate users to reflect on their search behaviour, and to experiment with different search functionalities. This work has now been extended using data mining.

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Distributing Hardware-optimized Simulation Software with Conda

Robin Long, Douglas Lowe, Stian Soiland-Reyes,

Two of our Research Software Engineers have been working with the University eScience Lab on a BioExcel project to develop Conda packages for GROMACS making it easier for researchers to set up and run the software and to increase its reproducibility from computational workflow systems.

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Advanced Github – creating template repositories

Douglas Lowe; Robin Long,

Learn more about using Github repositories for starting new projects from two of our Research Software Engineers Douglas Lowe and Robin Long.

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Research IT November Costing Clinic

Nov. 19, 2020 11:00 — 12:00


Registration is NOW CLOSED

It’s really important that you include all the Research IT services you require in your research grant application AND that you talk to us before you submit your application. This allows us to plan accordingly and to make sure that the effort and support are available at the right time if your grant application is successful.

Personalising Breast Cancer Risk

Andrew Jerrison,

Andrew Jerrison, Research Software Engineer, explains how he worked with researchers led by Prof. Gareth Evans from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, to develop a software application to collect and collate data that allows them to give women a personalised risk assessment of breast cancer at their normal screening session.

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