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Version Control for Jupyter Notebooks Using Jupytext

Jonny Taylor,

Jupyter notebooks are a widely used tool for coding in Python and Julia, but they don't always work well with version control software like Git. Research Software Engineer Jonny Taylor investigates a solution.

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Introduction to version control using Git


Research IT will be running a new full-day course providing an intensive hands-on introduction to version control using Git on Wednesday 6th July 2016.

The course is aimed at those who have no or little experience of version control. It will cover:

  • What version control is;
  • The main benefits of using version control;
  • How to set up and work with a local repository;
  • How to work with remote repositories using GitHub;
  • Topics such as branching, resolving conflicts, merging and rebasing;
  • Working collaboratively on one repository.

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