Research IT

Letting R Sparkle

It may be the summer but our team is as busy as ever! David Mawdsley (Research Software Engineer) is putting together a new workshop on Shiny. This is an R package that makes it easy to make interactive web apps using R.

The workshop will be an introduction to Shiny, and will let participants make a web app to graphically explore a data set. Shiny lets you include almost any output from R within an app, and manipulate it with widgets. This makes it easy to create interactive graphs, maps and dashboards.

The workshop will be debuted at the forthcoming Research Software Engineer Association conference in Birmingham in September. After this the workshop will be extended and added to Research IT's collection of taught courses for the next academic year.

Registration for our taught courses will open later this summer so keep in touch via our newsletter or our Twitter to be the first to know when it opens!