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Announcing Hardware Upgrades to iCSF/Incline

If you're a user of the interactive Computational Shared Facility (iCSF)/incline system, you might want to take note of some improvements. These changes, carried out in July 2023, provide significant enhancements to the system's performance and capabilities.

The upgrade

The changes included:

4 new high memory compute nodes (

  • Each has 2TB of memory and 32 cores, aimed at accommodating growing user demands, especially for those working with large datasets.

A new file server:

  • Offering an improved scratch filesystem with a greater capacity, with faster data access and storage capabilities, enabling users to manage and access their data more efficiently.

New management nodes:

  • The installation of two new headnodes marks a fundamental upgrade to the system's infrastructure, ensuring the iCSF is fit for purpose for many years to come.

Future plans

Research IT remain committed to making further enhancements to incline/iCSF. Here's what is planned for the future:

  • Further hardware upgrades to enhance the system's capabilities and accommodate evolving user requirements.
  • To ensure a seamless, more user friendly experience we will optimise how users access the system.

Get involved

Your feedback is more than welcome and will help to shape the future of the iCSF/incline system. We encourage users to share their suggestions, issues or benefits they encounter following the recent hardware upgrades. Your input will help us tailor the system to better serve your needs and improve the overall user experience.

Feedback or any issues using the iCSF should be emailed to: