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Top 10 News Articles of 2023

As it’s approaching the end of the year, it seems like a good time to look back on our most popular blog posts of 2023. What generated the most interest from the University research community this year?

As well as our top 10 news articles of 2023, special mention should go to our most popular events in terms of page views – Manchester Research Software Community - Inaugural Meeting and the relaunch of the UoM UK Biobank Users Meeting.

Welcome to the GitHub Campus Program

Published 30th Oct 2023

Top of our news articles this year was the announcement that Schools, departments, institutes, and labs are all now eligible to join our University GitHub Enterprise account. You can keep your existing repositories, organisation, and GitHub account but you can now access enterprise-tier resources for free!

Upgrades to Our Computational Shared Facility (CSF3)

Published 5th Dec 2022

Yes it might have been published at the end of 2022 but there was plenty of interest in our latest updates to the University’s main computational platform at the start of 2023!

Baler: Using AI to Help Efficiently Store Data in a Big Data Age

Published 15th May 2023

In a world where more and more data is being produced, a story of how one of our Research Software Engineers helped to support a team developing a Machine Learning tool for compressing scientific and engineering data, proved popular.

Building a Vibrant Research Software Community

Published 29th June 2023

The "save the date" article for the launch of the University research software community which brings together people involved with or interested in research software from across the University. Join the community on the CaDiR Teams space.

Software Development Essentials for Scientists

Published 28th April 2023

In March members of our Research Software Engineering (RSE) team ran a Carpentries-style training course for researchers in the environmental sciences. You were keen to find out more about the course content and the way in which the training was delivered.

Bespoke for you - Python training at the University

Published 19th April 2023

Another training story! This time it was from April when members of our Research Software Engineering team ran a Carpentries-style training for the Henry Royce Institute. The training covered Introduction to Python and Data Analysis and Visualization.

MATLAB Licence Update 2023

Published 12th Oct 2023

In 2021 a similar update was at no. 10 and it was at no. 9 in 2022 but this year its at no. 7! Proof of the enduring popularity of MATLAB usage amongst the research community at the University.

Building Communities at the University of Manchester

Published 22nd Aug 2023

An article on the Computation and Data in Research (CaDiR) Teams space is at no.8. If you aren't already a member you are missing out on networking, peer support and collaborative meetings with researchers and PGRs across the University. There are a range of special interest and user groups already active with more coming soon in 2024!

What Can the Apps Team Do For You?

Published 12th Sept 2023

Our Applications team contains such a range of skills and knowledge that we felt that they deserved their own showcase! From code review to refactoring out of date code to research software installation - they can help!

Cheerio to our Year in Industry Students!

Published 4th July 2023

We finish our top 10 with a cheerio to our first Year In Industry students from the Department of Computer Science. It was a great experience for both them and Research IT - so much so that we've done it again this year!