Research IT

MATLAB Licence Update 2022

The University has renewed the license to allow the download and install of the full suite of MATLAB products on to both staff and students’ own, or University provided, computers.

How do I access it?

You will need to access the download portal and create an account on The MathWorks portal, using your University of Manchester email address. This is essential so your account can be validated. Please do not use your University Central Services password.

Read the privacy policy and only sign up if you are comfortable sharing what is being asked. You will also need to comply with the license agreement so please read this carefully. The software is subject to export restrictions - please ensure you read the Online Services Agreement and End User Licence Agreement and comply with these restrictions. There is addition information available to support installation of the software.

Who is this for?

Any student or member of staff at the University can download and install MATLAB.

How long is this for?

Currently this agreement runs until the end of October 2023. A decision on future Matlab license provision will take place during this academic year.

How do I get support?

For help with installation please contact The MathWorks through the portal. Do not allow remote access to a University-owned machine or share personally-identifiable or sensitive information in example files.
For help with using MATLAB contact Research IT via the Research Applications and Support form.

You can also access a wide range of online training material and seminars through The Mathworks portal.

What can I use this licence for?

You can use MATLAB under this licence for any teaching, learning or research business at the University. You may not use it for any external or commercial work in any circumstances. If in doubt please contact the IT Support Centre.

What license type should I use?

Concurrent: This is a network license which you should use if your computer is permanently on the University network. If you use that license from outside the University you will need to be connected to the VPN (Global Protect). No maintenance required after setting up. Available via the Software Centre for managed machines or follow the instructions for unmanaged machines.

Individual: This is a license which you install on your machine and it is for your use only. It is valid for the time of this license agreement and you need to renew it every year yourself. Once installed you do not need networking for Matlab to work.

Designated Computer: This is a license which you install on the computer and is valid for every user on that machine. The license is bound to the MAC address and valid for the time of the license agreement. This license is for shared machines for instance in labs, or where Matlab is used as a service. You need to make sure only people covered by this license agreement (staff/students of this University) have access. If you need this license contact Research IT via the Research Applications Support form.