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Mathcad Licence Update - Mathcad users act now!

The University is going to renew its Mathcad licence for another year until end of July 2023 but there is some action required from Mathcad users.

The vendor PTC has withdrawn all older versions of Mathcad and Mathcad Prime. Therefore the only versions of the software available to UoM researchers will be Mathcad Prime 7 and Mathcad Prime 8. You will not be able to get a licence from the network licence server for either Mathcad 15 or Mathcad Prime 3 after the new licence is in place.

All current Mathcad users will need to update their version of Mathcad. We have provided an installer image of Mathcad Prime 8 on the ESD for unmanaged machines and the same version on the Software Centre for managed machines. Mathcad Prime 8 provides a utility to convert older Mathcad or Mathcad Prime files into the new file format. A caveat is that we could not test that converter utility so we are unable to advise on the performance or completeness of this utility.

We strongly advise all Mathcad users to install the new version of the software now and to get used to the new version by using it side by side with the old version, if necessary. The exact date for switch off of the old version will be announced soon and we will update this post accordingly. It is expected that the switch off date will be sometime in August 2022.

We have obtained 500 Mathcad educational licences but not all types of research are covered by these licences. There are plans to procure some professional floating licences but we hope that most users will be covered by the educational licence. For more information on the licence changes please see the University Applications website.

If you are using Mathcad outside of those licence conditions please contact our Application Support team to discuss using the commercial licence.