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Want to Start Using Twitter Data in Your Research?

Want to find out more about using Twitter for Researchers? Joseph Allen from the School of Social Science has put together a short video lecture.

In February I reported on the launch of a new programme to allow researchers to interact with Twitter to extract data for research purposes. I gave an introduction to interacting with Twitter programmatically and what the latest changes meant for researchers from a Research Software Engineer viewpoint.

Shortly afterwards Joseph Allen from the School of Social Sciences contacted Research IT to say about a video lecture he has produced, aimed at researchers, which provides an overview of Twitter analytics as well as accessing Twitter data using Python. The lecture covers the following topics and is a great introduction to anyone looking to start using Twitter data:

  • Why social media data is useful
  • Project ideas
  • Twitters built-in analytics
  • TwArχiv
  • Pipedream Automation
  • Twitter API with Python

If you have questions about Twitter scraping or interacting with web APIs in general, come and chat to one of our Research Software Engineers at our next Research IT drop-in session. You can also reach us through the “Research Application Support Requests” link on our webpage.