Research IT

Research Software Application Updates

Our Research Applications Support team have been busy updating a range of research software applications to the latest versions.

The Research IT Applications team together with the University license manger, have recently updated some research applications to the latest versions. If you use any of the following applications please consider updating.

Please note that the new license for Maple and MapleSIM only supports Maple versions 2016 and above. If you use any older ones, please upgrade now! If you have any problems please contact the Research IT applications team.

The new installation media are provided via the ESD site (except LabVIEW) for un-managed machines, but packaging for managed machines is not completed yet.

Looking ahead: the Intel compilers will be updated very soon. If you are interested in this please check our blog or Twitter or sign up to our monthly newsletter for when they are ready.

All applications can only be used within their license terms and conditions. Please check the Applications website which can be found from the IT Services Software page for further details. Please note there has recently been an announcement about the ABAQUS software licence. If you need any further advice or assistance in upgrading your research software packages please contact the Research Applications Support team.