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Avizo and Volume Graphics Licence Updates

If you are continuing to work from home and need access to specialised software packages both Avizo and Volume Graphics have home licences available.


Avizo users who benefit from the Avizo Maintenance Service can apply for a temporary license to be used at home/personal workstation. To request access to the complimentary license, please fill in the form on the Avizo website.

Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics is offering current license holders the possibility of requesting a license for VGSTUDIO MAX for use in their home office environment. If you currently have a valid license at work, you can now request a license that you can use for your home office. Regardless of the version you're currently working with, you will be given a license for the most up-to-date release, version 3.3 free of charge until the end of June 2020. For more information please see the Volume Graphics website.