Research IT

Open Source Interaction and Data Visualisation Tool Launched

As part of the BBC Data Partnership, Joshua Woodcock, a Research Software Engineer in Research IT, developed the Interaction Data Visualisation Tool, (IDVT); a web-based data visualisation tool for the initial analysis of low-level interaction data taken from object-based user experiences.

Object based media experiences allow content to change based on the requirements of the individual interacting with the media. One example is the Cook-Along Kitchen Experience (CAKE), a real-time interactive cookery show that adapts to the user based on their skill level and number of diners. You can find out more on object-based media on the BBC website.

The IDVT takes the data created by an experience such as CAKE and produces a set of plots that visualize the type (Play, Pause, Full Screen etc) and density of clicks, as well as summary statistics such as total number of clicks, average number of clicks per second and total time taken.

IDVT cleans up the current data science pipeline for this type of data by providing a quick and easy way to make initial general visualizations of click data. It also presents multiple ways of interacting and exploring the data, which can be used to facilitate a more detailed analysis.

The code behind the IDVT has been open sourced, meaning that anyone can use it in their own research or for fun! Instructions on how to run the application, either locally on your own computer or remotely on a server, are included in the repository.