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Research IT Club - Comparing Digital Images

The first Research IT club of 2020 takes place next month on the 12


of Feb. Come along to see our services in action through researcher presentations and to hear the latest research IT news. The February event sees Velson Horie from Manchester Museum describe online image comparison software and accompanying website produced for him by Research IT. Register now to attend on the 12th.

Updates from the Research IT teams

  • Research Lifecycle Project (RLP)
  • Research Infrastructure
  • Research Software Engineering

Comparing Digital Images Online

Velson Horie, Honorary Senior Research, Manchester Museum

This presentation will describe the creation of online image comparison software and the website by Research IT. It is being used to compare the virtual collection of JMW Turner’s prints which enables curators, collectors and art historians to study his prints without travelling the world. It is hoped that this trial can be extended to other types of art material, which cannot be brought together for comparison.

The updated collection will contain over 900 prints and add many more variants and later discoveries. The online comparison tool will harness the capacity to display images which can be studied at low to high resolution, as quality of image capture increases.

Comparing has always been a core skill of the art historian and image comparison software is a rapidly evolving area. Through the use of this tool scattered knowledge will be captured from people’s unpublished insights and users will be able to add this to the catalogue entries.

IT Modernisation and the Research Community

Javier Gomez Alonso, IT Services

This presentation will cover several topics that fall under the IT Modernisation Programme. There will be an update on each along with information on how the changes and new services will affect researchers and the research progress, bringing benefits in many cases.

  • Windows 10 roll out
  • Office 365 Outlook email demo
  • One Drive and One Drive for Linux
  • Thin Clients
  • Improved laptop / desktop procurement process

If you would like to attend the club please register for the event.