Research IT

Mobile Development Service Celebrates First App

The Research IT Mobile Development Service (MDS) enjoyed a popular launch back in April 2019 with 6 requests for services received in the first month alone. One project was commissioned immediately, and we are proud to announce it as the first app from the new MDS to roll off the production line. Ahead of schedule, it officially moves into production for release through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store by the end of the month.

The app is a companion for the Parents and Children Together (PACT) project led by Dr Kelly Burgoyne in the School of Health Sciences. This project is running a 30-week programme of daily activities to be completed by participants (parent and child). Participants are required to provide some feedback each day through a brief questionnaire. The mobile app makes this process fast and non-intrusive while allowing the researchers to collect valuable data from the 230 participants. Visit their website to find out more about the project.

PACTApp is cross-platform, running on both Android and Apple devices and features a secure but responsive user interface intended for seamless access for participants. Behind the scenes, the app integrates with a secure data storage server, providing robust research data storage with data conveniently accessible to the researchers through a web application.

This month also sees updates released for some of our long-running mobile projects (LinguaSnapp, Britain Breathing and Brazil Breathing) and the commissioning of a new project (read more about it next month!).

Find out more about the MDS or discuss your requirements for a project, please contact Adrian Harwood, the lead for mobile projects in Research IT or raise a ticket through the service desk.