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Humanities Researcher Needing a Research Boost?

Are you a Humanities researcher? Would you like to be able to repeat a simple computing task several times but don’t want to use your own machine to do this? By using the UoM computational shared facilities (CSF) you can offload your jobs to the high performance computing (HPC) facility. This will allow you to save space and resources on your own machine to work on something else.

It was raised at the recent N8 CIR workshops that training for computational resources are often aimed at the physical sciences. In response to this we have designed a basic course to introduce Humanities researchers to our computational shared resource (CSF). The course is specifically for those Humanities researchers who have never used the facility or those who have some but limited knowledge of it.

The course will take place on the 3rd of May and assumes no prior knowledge of HPC or the CSF. The course is full of examples of how HPC and associated technology can be applied to the Humanities. Our trainers will explain the range of HPC resources available to UoM Humanities researchers and will cover other Research IT provided services including the Research Data Storage Service designed for storing research data.

The help doesn’t stop after the course – we have a skilled team of research software engineers (RSE) and HPC experts who you can contact for follow up advice through our helpdesk. If you would like to register for the course please visit the registration page or if you would like to ask any questions about the course or its content please contact Research IT. Deadline for registration is 5pm on the 1st of May.