Research IT

Users Needed for our Redeveloped Condor Pool!

The Condor Pool is a high-throughput computing (HTC) resource freely available to all researchers at the University of Manchester. The pool largely comprises of many of the PCs around campus located in teaching clusters. At night and at weekends, these are rebooted into Linux and used to run large numbers of computational jobs.

The existing Pool is especially suitable for jobs which can be completed within 12 hours and which do not require large-scale resources for individual jobs (as found on The CSF) or pieces of work which can be broken up into such jobs.

We have recently been working on development of our Condor Pool to considerably increase available resources, therefore:

  • we are looking for new users for The Pool
  • we encourage existing users to send more jobs this way! There will be NO CHARGE for this usage of The Pool

You are especially encouraged if your jobs use C/C++, Java, Matlab, Python or R as much greater resources are available for these. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service then please get in touch!