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October Research IT Club Presentations Available!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the latest Research IT Club and especially those who took the opportunity to ask questions! To see presentations on the latest news from the research lifecycle programme (RLP), research IT infrastructure and software engineering and applications support as well as an interesting use for your Android phone, click on the links below.

Updates from the Research IT teams

Using Android devices for accelerated, interactive simulation in engineering

Adrian R.G. Harwood, Lecturer in Virtual Engineering, School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering

Virtual engineering is an emerging field encompassing all aspects of engineering design and analysis within a computational environment. My work is concerned with developing the next generation of engineering simulation software embracing novel technology such as virtual and augmented reality, touch screens and haptic interfaces. Recently, my work has explored the use of mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, for real-time, interactive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) – the simulation of fluid flow. Real-time CFD offers many time and cost benefits over traditional CFD with users perceiving the movement of flow ‘live’ and interacting with the running simulation, changing geometrical or physical parameters. However, real-time simulation inevitably requires a suitable compromise between accuracy and speed. Mobile devices are an affordable, pervasive computing resource with the potential for offering significant computing power if used as a networked cluster. In this talk, I will present developments towards real-time CFD on mobile platforms using calculations based on the lattice-Boltzmann Method.

We should apologise for the last minute cancellation of our final speaker, Malcolm Whitehouse, Chief Information Officer for IT Services. He has been rescheduled for the next Research IT club which will be held on the 11th of December. Details of the next event will be announced on our blog, Twitter and newsletter.