Research IT

New Policy - Research Data Storage on Local Devices & Platforms

A new policy has been announced on Research Data Storage which affects all researchers. The University very strongly discourages the use of local storage devices (e.g. USB disks) and "in-house" data storage platforms (e.g. local NAS servers), otherwise known as “point storage solutions”.

We recognise that there are many different use-cases for research data storage, including those in the research data life cycle: creation, processing (perhaps with multiple steps), e-publishing and archiving. IT Services offers several fully supported storage platforms which address all of these.

  • The Research Data Storage service, which can be used to store data in all parts of the life cycle prior to publishing and archiving.
  • Dropbox Business, which makes it easy to share files securely with people external to the University and to “drop off” files internally (just like run-of-the-mill Dropbox).
  • Mendeley Data, which should be used for making publishable data accessible, such as peer-reviewed papers and supporting files.
  • DataVault, an interim service which will support research data archiving / long-term retention of data in accordance with funding body policy, addition of metadata, discoverability.

If you are unsure which is the best resource for you please contact us. We are more than happy to hold an in-depth discussion with you to help us to understand your research data storage requirements. This is especially so in non-standard cases, for example, if you have sensitive data to store and process. You may find that one of the above resources will meet your needs but it may be a combination of two or more.

Please note that due to the variety of data storage platforms now available, IT Services will no longer help to set up, support or maintain point storage solutions except where existing solutions cannot meet your requirements and cannot be adapted to meet them.