Research IT

Upgrade to the iCSF

Research IT are pleased to announce that thanks to further investment from IT Services, the popular interactive Computational Shared Facility (iCSF) will be upgraded over the summer. Currently the iCSF has 64GB and 256GB RAM nodes (and a 2TB node) and it will be upgraded with six new high memory 256GB nodes. The high memory nodes allow much larger datasets to be processed then can usually be done on desktops and workstations.

The iCSF is similar to the batch compute systems run by Research IT but allows applications to be run interactively (via their graphical user interface) without use of the batch queuing system. This has proved incredibly popular with research groups wishing to process data using applications such as MATLAB, Stata, and R, to name a few, covering a range of disciplines from genetics / bio-informatics to business data analysis. We will be offering some (limited) free at point of use access for research groups with short-term access requirements.

If you are interested in using the iCSF then please get in touch.