Research IT

Research IT Core Application Suite

Earlier this year Research IT requested feedback on a proposal to implement a ‘core research application suite’ that would focus support, training and licence resources on a selected suite of applications chosen to offer maximum value to University researchers.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to contribute to this review, your input was very valuable. Based upon the feedback received it is clear that there is demand for the implementation of a general data visualisation tool (e.g. Spotfire, Tableau) and we are now proceeding with an evaluation of a set of candidate tools with the objective of selecting and deploying such a tool later this year.

However some of the other aspects of the proposed core suite received less support, particularly the proposal to focus support, training and licence resources of a defined set of applications & technologies including MATLAB, R and Mathematica. It has therefore been decided we will not proceed with this part of the proposal. If you have any questions about this topic please contact Kurt Weideling.