Research IT

Webinar: Applications of Mathematica in Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Join Research IT and Wolfram Research for a two hour webinar and Q&A which will teach you how to use Mathematica’s core functions.

July 11, 2022 14:30 — 16:30


Aimed at PhD students and researchers, this webinar will not only teach you how to use Mathematica’s core functions and tech stack, but also how to apply this to your chosen subject. The session will begin with exploring Mathematica’s uses in a huge variety of subject areas and disciplines and will then progress into a Mathematica tutorial, with a Q&A at the end to answer all your questions.

Presented by our Director of Technical Services, Jon McLoone.

Tutorial: Applications of Mathematica in Science, Mathematics and Engineering

This online presentation will showcase the Wolfram Language as a unified solution for the sciences and engineering, in the context of research and teaching. Using real-world examples, we will explore how to work with and access our ready-to-use automated machine learning and AI, state-of-the-art symbolic and numeric computational software, powerful equation solvers and data modelling. Jon will then give a crash-course on how to work with Mathematica and how to apply what you have learnt in your research, teaching and studies.


It is optional, but recommended, to have a download of Mathematica for this tutorial. Please ensure that you download the software at least a week in advance of the workshop. Mathematica is free for University staff and students. If you have any issues with downloading the software, please contact the Research IT Applications Support team.