Research IT

Research Software Engineering

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) team enhances the University’s capacity to produce high quality research software by collaborating with researchers to create correct, efficient, readable, reliable and sustainable code.

Service Description

  • Pool of professional software engineers and data scientists.
  • Advice on, and specification of, research software requirements
    • Software/technical aspects of grants and bid writing
    • Recruiting software engineers into research groups
  • Short- and medium-term support:
    • Consultancies (days/weeks)
    • Short projects
  • Long-term support:
    • ~3 months to n months of effort
    • Varying levels of FTE (>=20%)
    • Targeted deployment at certain times within a project
    • Can be embedded into research groups

Charging Model

This is a chargeable service. We strongly advise you to contact us pre-grant submission for accurate costings. Support may be given post-award but may be limited.


Please note that lead time can be up to 8 months so you are strongly advised to contact us as soon as possible in your grant application process.

If you are interested in having RSE input to your research activities, get in touch with us for a chat.

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