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Regional and National Compute Resources

We can help you apply for access to regional and national compute resources as well as helping you get your research up and running on these machines.

Service Description

There is a range of regional and national compute resources available including:

N8 CIR – a GPU machine based at Durham University shared between the N8 universities including the University of Manchester. Comprises of 32 IBM Power 9 dual-CPU nodes (each with 4 NVIDIA V100 GPUs), and 3 NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip nodes (each with an NVIDIA Grace CPU and H100 GPU), and high performance interconnect. Free to use for UoM researchers and dedicated support is available within Research IT to get you started.

ARCHER2 – the national HPC resource for the UK. The full ARCHER2 system is an HPE Cray EX supercomputing system with an estimated peak performance of 28 Pflop/s. The machine has 5,860 compute nodes, each with dual AMD EPYCTM 7742 64-core processors at 2.25GHz, giving 750,080 cores in total.

For information on the other UK Tier 2 resources see the HPC UK website.

Charging Model

Each resource has its own eligibility criteria and application procedure.

N8 CIR is free for all UoM researchers with access provided on a per-project basis. The application form can be found on the N8 CIR website.

There are several routes to accessing ARCHER, including free limited resources and calls for larger project access throughout the year. Please see the Access page of the ARCHER website for further information.


To discuss the suitability of regional and UK resources for your research, email the Research Platforms team.

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