Research IT

Cloud Support

Provides technical support for developing and running research platforms and services in Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as an easy route to procurement of AWS resources.

Service Description

  • Technical support for developing and running research VMs, storage and serverless computing in AWS.
  • Advice on securing platforms and services in AWS.
  • AWS environment (Landing Zone) available for hosting VMs, storage, etc., which helps with monitoring and security.
  • Easy route to procurement of AWS resources via the IT Services reseller (SoftwareOne).

Charging Model

All costs associated with AWS resources (VMs, storage, etc) are charged back to research projects monthly — an account code to charge must be supplied before access to the RIT AWS environment is granted.

General technical support is available at no charge, but any significant support for research projects or services must be paid for (e.g., at a fraction of an FTE for the length of the project).

If you wish to use this service and clarify any associated costs, please contact us.


If you have any questions about our Cloud Service please email the Research IT Platforms team.

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