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CSF3 Scratch File System Upgrade: next steps

All CSF3 users should now be using the new scratch file system and ready for the turn off of the old one on the 17th February 2021.

A new Lustre 1.2PB scratch file system was made available to all CSF3 users in January. The new file system will ensure the continued reliable operation of the CSF3 and has these additional benefits:

  • a 66% increase in scratch storage capacity.
  • improved aggregate I/O performance
  • increased performance of parallel jobs on the HPC Pool as a result of direct Infiniband connectivity.

The old scratch file system is 5 years old, at the end of it's useful life, and it will be switched off on 17th February 2021 . The hardware will be removed from the datacentre for secure destruction.

Files on old scratch WILL NOT be available after the 17th of February. It is therefore imperative that you act quickly to copy any files you wish to keep to either the new scratch filesystem or Research Data Storage.

We have a detailed FAQ on the CSF3 website which explains how to access and use the new scratch filesystem. If you need any further help or have questions please get in touch as soon as possible.