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UoM UK Biobank Presentations Available Now!

The first UoM UK Biobank Community meeting took place on the 19th of November and the presentations on the latest updates from UK Biobank and dealing with sensitive data in the cloud are now available.

UK Biobank: Past, present, and future

Chris Boultwood, Chief Information Officer, UK Biobank

This presentation will cover:

  • A brief review of the history of UK Biobank, emphasising the growth in the use of the resource by researchers worldwide over the last few years;
  • An update on the status of current major enhancement and access projects
  • A summary of other future developments currently under discussion

Sensitive Data Research in the Cloud

Gary Leeming, Chief Technology Officer, Connected Health Cities

Researchers are increasingly using sensitive and personal data in their research which requires new, risk-based approaches to security, especially as the University of Manchester moves to a cloud-first policy. Leeming will discuss the challenges of developing a new service that needs to balance the risk of threats against the need to ensure that researchers have access to appropriate services to collect, manage and investigate data that is subject to tight governance controls and how a cloud-based approach, training, and policies need to be developed to enable this.

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