Research IT

UoM UK Biobank Community June Meeting

The third meeting of the UoM UK Biobank Community will take place on the 27th of June. This community is designed to bring together UK Biobank users (and potential users) from across the University to discover what other UoM research groups are using UK Biobank resources for, to swap best practice and to form a researcher led community.

The agenda for this meeting will feature updates from the UK Biobank conference, how to get started with UK Biobank (a great intro for new users and a good refresher for existing users!), a presentation from Research IT highlighting the best practice for bulk downloads and a speaker from Translation Manchester speaking about their activities.

  • Feedback from the UK Biobank annual conference – Xiao Jiang, Division of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Getting started with UK Biobank – TBC
  • Downloading Datasets on CSF and Friends & Research Infrastructure Updates - George Leaver, Research IT
  • The iTPA and Translation Manchester: Supporting Translational Research - Andrea Short, Translational Research Facilitator, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

Refreshments will be available at the meeting so we would be grateful if you could register.