Research IT

UoM UK Biobank Community

Here at Research IT we provide access to a central copy of the UK Biobank 500,000 participant release of genetic data. This saves Biobank-approved projects huge amounts of storage and provides convenient access to the data via desktops and central compute platforms. A question we are being asked more frequently is whether there is a local UoM community in which to share user experiences and ask questions about the data and its analysis.

In many cases other users are better placed to answer such questions as we are not bio-informaticians using the data! In light of this we've recently set up a mailing list for all Manchester based researchers to join. This will be a discussion list where you can connect with other UoM UK-Biobank users, ask questions and keep up to date with the community at the University. The list will only be open to those with a email address and you don’t have to be a current UK Biobank user to join. This list does not replace the open email list run by the UK Biobank, instead it is intended to nurture a local user community.

To join the local UoM UK Biobank mailing list and to keep up to date with the exciting plans we have for the community, please visit the mailing list website

If you have any questions about the mailing list then please contact us!