Research IT

Introducing the Research Data Gateway

The Research Data Gateway is a new service to increase the visibility of research data that you have shared. Most research funders, and an increasing number of journals, require researchers to share the data which underlies papers and this service will help you gain the maximum impact from doing this.

Simply submit the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) of the data to the Gateway and the Library will create a record for you in Pure, which will be visible in Research Explorer and automatically update your researcher profile.

Please note that if research data is deposited in Mendeley Data then no further action is necessary since details will automatically be added to Pure and relevant researcher profiles updated. If you have shared your research data in a repository that does not assign DOIs then details of these will need to be recorded directly in Pure.

The Library will also work during summer 2018 to populate Pure with details of historic data and link them with associated publications. For more information about managing and sharing your data please see the Research Data Management website or email the Research Data team.