Research IT

Data Management Plans are moving online

The Library have introduced a new institutional data management planning tool which will help researchers to manage their data management plans (DMPs) in a new and streamlined way.

Data Management Plans (DMPs) help you plan what research data or supporting information you will collect, how you will handle it, whether you can share your data publicly and help you meet any data protection obligations. DMPs are required for every new research project at The University of Manchester and by most research funders. To make the process easier we are moving to a new institutional data management planning tool, DMPonline. It has a more intuitive interface than the existing tool, up to date advice and you can create plans with external collaborators.

Fewer forms to fill in

Support services from across the University have worked together to make sure that researchers are not entering the same information twice. The new DMP form will be used by the Ethics Review system, assist with data protection requirements and allow Research IT to plan how much storage will be required.

Existing Data Management Plans

Many researchers have DMPs for their current research projects on the University’s DMP tool, so the existing tool will be maintained for at least the next year at which point the Library will assess usage and either continue to maintain the existing tool or export existing plans. You will be able to edit existing plans but not generate new plans after 17th April 2018.

Feedback and support

The Data Management Outline section of all DMPs will be reviewed by the Research Data Management service team in the Library. If you would like feedback on your full DMP, especially those for grant applications, you can ask for this by clicking on the ‘Request feedback’ button on the ‘Share’ tab in DMPonline.

You can find out more about data management planning via the Research Data Management website. Please send any questions about how to plan your data management to the Research Data Management team.