Research IT

Research Data Management Workshops

Research involves generating, receiving, collecting and managing data in many forms, ranging from measurements and models to patient records and images. Managing data can be complex, but a little planning at the beginning can help you save time, increase your impact and work more effectively and efficiently.

Research Data Management is not just important for saving you time – most funders and the University now require you to create a data management plan at the beginning of a project and to share your data at the end of your research. Learn how to do this and find out about the services available from Research IT and the Library at the Research Data Management workshops:

These workshops will introduce:

  • Effective strategies for storing, backing up and organising your files
  • Methods for working collaboratively on your data
  • Writing a data management plan
  • Funder requirements for managing and sharing data

If you have any questions about these workshops please email the RDM library team.