Research IT

Grant Support Clinic October

Research IT offers a range of services to UoM researchers including access to high performance computing and research software consultancy but how do you know if these services are relevant to you and your research? If they are how do you describe them and cost them correctly in your grant proposal?

Come along to the Research IT Grant Support Clinic on the 11th of October where researchers and research support staff can discover more about the skills and services that we offer and, importantly, how to include them in grant proposals. This session is also a great way for new academic staff to find out what services we offer.

The sessions will consist of a short overview from the research infrastructure and research software engineering teams where they will present case studies of our services being incorporated into grant proposals. The rest of the session will be given over to attendees to discuss examples and ask questions about incorporating Research IT skills into proposals.

The clinic will be held at 3pm on 11th October in Roscoe Building. To notify us of your attendance please register. Registration is open until the start of the meeting.