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Research IT Hitting the Headlines with Linguasnapp

A mobile phone app developed by Research IT has been hitting the headlines recently. Featured on ITV news and Granada Reports as well as in The Daily Mirror, the Manchester Evening News and local newspapers across the region, Linguasnapp is enabling researchers to identify the range of languages used in Manchester.

The Linguasnapp app allows members of the public to take pictures of signs and to record their location as well as other details. The images are uploaded onto an online map, which can be seen on the Linguasnapp website.

Our research software engineers (RSEs) worked with Prof Yaron Matras and his Multilingual Manchester group to develop the mobile app and web application. Our RSEs brought web app development and mobile app development skills to the project as well as specifying, planning, managing, testing and deployment. By making use of the expertise and skills available in Research IT, the LinguaSnapp team could concentrate on the research aspects of the project and the use of LinguaSnapp rather than trying to hire temporary technical staff or developing the necessary skills in-house.

Research IT have also helped take the LinguaSnapp app to the next level by enabling partner institutions in other countries to build and run the software on their own servers.

If your research project would benefit from the skills of our RSEs, then contact us for a chat.