Research IT

Research Data Storage Upgrade

The Research Data Storage (Isilon) is being upgraded to a new tiered platform which will offer greater data storage capacity. Preparatory work for the upgrade is underway and this will require Isilon to be unavailable on Saturday 10th December from 6am - 2pm.

During this time:

  • RDS shares accessed on PCs and laptops across campus will be unavailable. It may be necessary to "remap" these shares once Isilon becomes available in order to access files and data.
  • It will not be possible to login to the CSF, DPSF or INCLINE.
  • Existing sessions on the CSF, DPSF or INCLINE may freeze but these will recover once Isilon is available again.
  • Jobs running on CSF, DPSF or INCLINE platforms will freeze but they will recover once Isilon is available again.

If you have any queries about the small disruption to service then please contact us as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for any disruption to your work.