Research IT

Join the Research IT Club!

We are launching a new bimonthly club which aims to keep researchers at the University of Manchester up to date with the activities of Research IT. This will be our opportunity to share with you announcements of new services and training opportunities and give you the opportunity to feedback to us. The club will also provide a platform for researchers to share their knowledge and best practice in research IT with others from across the university and to promote cross-collaboration between research groups.

The first meeting of the club will take place 2pm - 3.30pm on 23rd Nov in Lecture Theatre C, Simon Building.


  1. Introduction to Research IT - Rob Haines, Research Software Engineering Manager
  2. Research Infrastructure Update - Simon Hood, Research Infrastructure Manager
  3. Hand-loom to factory: how to get proteomics results in hours rather than months - Paul Brack, Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre, University of Manchester
  4. Dropbox for Business - Sarah Garland & Matthew Foster, IT Services
  5. AOB

Please let us know if you are planning on attending (

We are looking for a PDRA or early career researcher from each Faculty who would be interested in joining a lightweight Steering Group for the club. The group would meet approx. 4 times a year and would help to suggest topics and speakers for the club as well as helping to promote the club events. If you are interested in this role please email us with a brief statement of why you would like to be involved.