Research IT

2016 Summer Schools - Focus on HPC for Engineering Simulation

Dr Lee Margetts (School of MACE) is leading a 1 week "Engineering Simulation" Summer School at the Hartree Centre (Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington) that focuses on high performance computing for solid mechanics.

The school covers a different theme each day:

(1) Open source software for parallel finite element analysis;

(2) Dealing with uncertainty using stochastic methods;

(3) Image-based mesh generation using X-ray tomography data;

(4) Multiscale modelling, coupling grain scale cellular automata to continuum finite elements;

(5) Emerging technologies for simulation.

Each theme covered presents the relevant theory, real engineering case studies and provides hands-on tuition using advanced open source and proprietary simulation tools (including ParaFEM, ParaView and Simpleware). The course is an extended version of the highly popular "Image-based Modelling using Finite Elements" course offered by Research IT and N8 HPC since 2009.

To register for this course, or others offered by the Hartree Centre, please visit their website. Attendees may register for as many schools as they desire.