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Introduction to Research IT

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  • Supports postgraduate, post-doctoral and academic staff carrying out research at UoM
  • There to support research not day to day IT
  • Provide specialised research services
  • Highly skilled staff ready to work with you to realise your research goals
Research IT Services
Research IT Services

Research Computing Platforms

  • Access to a wide range of eResearch platforms including high performance (HPC) and high throughput computing (HTC) platforms to support computationally intensive research
  • Help with access to regional, national and international resources as your research progresses
  • The main resources are the HPC Pool and our Condor Pool
  • Help to access Cloud resources such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Software & Data Engineering

  • A pool of professional software developers (inc. programmers, data scientists etc) with particular expertise in creating software for academic research
  • Produce high quality scientific software by working with researchers to create reliable, sustainable and efficient code
  • Can be embedded in your team for months or even years
  • Also consultancy for shorter term projects
  • Mobile development service which can produce mobile apps for your research project

Research Data Management

  • Demands on researchers to manage their research output are growing and we are ideally placed to assist
  • Can help with the technical input on Research Data Management (RDM) plans and deliver highly scalable, agile, research-data aligned secure storage
  • Can also advise on and provide database hosting and bespoke network infrastructure solutions

Training, Support & Advice

  • Range of training – some of which is available virtually
    • Introductions to applications and techniques (i.e. Matlab, Visualisation)
    • Introduction to programming (i.e. Python)
    • Introduction to advanced eResearch (i.e. CSF, HPC)
  • Support via the helpdesk
  • Regular virtual drop-in sessions

Outreach & Keep in touch

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